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Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Enhanced Visibility

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

You have created a site that is very informative and expected to get thousands of visitors, but you are not getting it. You still need to do one important thing to get thousands of visitors to your site, and that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


There are many search engines in the world like the most famous one is Google, followed by Yahoo, Bing etc. If someone wants to learn HTML in Bengali then maybe he will search on Google by typing “HTML Tutorial” because he might not know the address of any website that has HTML Tutorial in Bengali. Now take it. You have a website where there are HTML tutorials in Bengali.

Now if you search on Google by writing “HTML Tutorial”, it will be better on the first page of Google. If the first link on the first page is your site, then you can be sure that the user who was searching with “HTML Tutorial” is definitely. I will go to your site. The site that showed up first on Google used some techniques, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), even though there are many sites, blogs, forums, etc. that have HTML tutorials in Bengali.
In one word, SEO is the method of ranking a product or website based on its quality through search engines.


There are mainly 3 types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
On-page  SEO: Any work done inside the website to rank a website through search engines. And because of doing this, the website gets rank, it is called On page SEO.
Example: To be relevant, the site performs actions within, such as optimizing title tags, content, and keywords.
Off-page SEO: When any work is done on a website to increase its rank, it is called Off page SEO.
Activities done outside the site, such as blog and forum posting, are part of Off-page SEO.
Technical SEO: Technical SEO refers to the process of performing On-page and Off-page Reporting, which involves conducting tasks necessary for generating reports or conducting internal audits.

There are other types of seo, they are:
Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO involves ranking a website without adhering to the rules and policies set by search engines.
White Hat SEO: When a website ranks in accordance with the rules and policies of a search engine, it is termed as White Hat SEO.
Grey Hat SEO: Gray Hat SEO involves ranking a website by adhering to certain rules and policies of a search engine while disregarding others..

There will only be organic search engine optimization (Organic SEO) tutorials here, not paid search engine optimization (Paid SEO).


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